Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ancient Traditions and Research

After attending a Feng Shui workshop this weekend, I wonder if I did justice to settings in the novel.

I know, it's after-thoughts like these that can trouble an author's pretty little head. 

Perhaps I can review the descriptions of the Red Hare restaurant, the apartment above then update in a new version of the novel.  I understand the importance of proper research on certain subjects if you're going to write about them - even in a general sense.   When I first wrote these passages, I didn't want to complicate the story with technical details. 

I have been considering options for ebook updates, a fresh printed version (sorry, trees) and plans to translate into FrenchPerhaps when I have a bit more energy and better resources.

You can read the detailed account of the recent Feng Shui workshop in the deep blonde thoughts blog.  The lovely Tree of Life print is featured.  So are the cats - especially that Tabby

Don't be offended by my thoughts on out-dated religious texts although the subject does emerge during various scenes in the Novel. 
Speaking of, drop by the Year of the Rabbit domain for updates, Tweets and distractions.  Oh, yes...  Remember to buy a gift copy of the novel at Smashwords where you set the price.