The following links will lead you to blog entries where I posted draft excerpts from the novel.  

  1. Gio Meets Sera  (An excerpt from Chapter 1 where Father Giovanni Vinoletti meets Sera Fletcher, his newly discovered, biological daughter)
  2. Parish Picnic  (A priest's joy and shame. A child's innocent view on life after death)
  3. The Red Hare  (Traditions, community and home)
  4. Zodiacs and the Bible (A continuation of Gio and Sera's debate at the Red Hare)
  5. Hide and Seek (Teenagers, sex)  
  6. Sudden Loss (Halloween night - Sera loses her friend) 
  7. Winter Carnival (A young girl's loneliness and courage) 
  8. A child is born  (Birth, joy, teen pregnancy)  
  9. Life after Death  (Loss, a child's innocent view on life after death)
  10. All the world's a stage (an impromptu performance, teamwork)
  11. The Crone  (The wisdom and comfort offered by older women)
  12. Trees (A sampling of loving descriptions of favourite trees)
  13. Letters (Hand-written letters, lovingly composed or written out of guilt then... accidentally revealed)
  14. Wine (The results of patience and loving care) 

Thank you for dropping by! If you want to read more of this bittersweet story, do consider purchasing a copy of the book.  Enjoy feedback from people who read the earlier print version and the Ebook version.

Download 20% of the Ebook for free from Smashwords.  No trees were harmed ;o)