Saturday, March 23, 2013

Something about Mary ... Magdalene

I caught part of this documentary on one of the upper cable channels last night while dozing off.  It woke me up and caught my interest.  

I just love the play on words for the title.
Since I was a young Catholic, I had questions about women in the church, about Mary and the other Mary.  Damn, I was confused.  I was intrigued about the woman, the prostitute who washed the Lord's feet with perfumed oil then wiped it with her own hair.  He only had kind words to say about her. How cool was that? 

It is 2013.  We have a new, gentler Pope. He has chosen the name Francis after Francis of Assisi.  I like that.  He has hope for the poor Hope for the environment.
Hope for rebuilding the RCC? 
Hope for women's role in the Church?  Perhaps enough positive change to encourage reluctant Catholics to return? 

At lunch this week when I mentioned these small steps of progress,
a friend suggested that if I wanted to read the new testament again, to check out the Gospel according to John. 
Who exactly WAS the beloved disciple...? Hmmmm.

Isn't it funny that when one "testified" in the old days, only a man's word was respected and that he would grab his testicles when giving an oath
?  I really should look this up, in a credible source.  I wish we could remove some of these gender-specific, dated words from our modern vocabulary.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Read an Ebook Week

Free Ebooks
Many Ebook publishers and authors are joining in this annual promotion called Read an Ebook week

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