Sunday, June 23, 2013

Research is difficult and tedious

The author of The Year of the Rabbit didn't have ample time to properly research wines before publishing the novel. 

To the kind and gracious readers, she apologizes.  

If you have read the book and noticed any faux-pas's with wine references, here's your chance to be rewarded for the inconvenience.  You can help her correct any wrongs. 

Visit this Deep Blonde Thoughts blog post.  Follow the instructions to obtain a much-deserved gift.

Are you not familiar with this bittersweet story?  Really?  Mon Dieu!  You are welcome to read excerpts from the novel.  Download a sampling from Smashwords.  

See what others have offered after reading the book (and without noticing any key omissions about wine). 

Thanks for dropping by.  Now we must head off on our important quest...  :o)