Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another Halloween in Canada

Halloween will soon be upon us. I hope there won't be many creepy clowns lurking about and spooking the sensitive souls.  

As a kid from Canada, I can relate to the costume/snowsuit imagery shared by good ole CBC.

As a chocolate-loving adult, I am enjoying that variety box of small chocolate bars we bought last week. We don't entertain trick or treaters in our building but I make a point of sharing the treats with family, friends and book shop patrons. 

Anyway, here's an attempt to lure you to an excerpt about Halloween night in The Year of the Rabbit.
Join others who enjoyed this hidden gem of Canadian fiction.  Read the first few chapters of the eBook online or download for free from Smashwords.  If you like what you have read, you can then purchase the entire book for 99 cents or more (you set the price).


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Small thanks

It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. 

The Red Hare restaurant would have been a nice place to host a family gathering rather than toiling away in a cramped apartment kitchen.  

I invite you to read an excerpt from The Year of the Rabbit where Sera and her extended family share in a Thanksgiving meal. 

Sera soon learns news that will add to her sadness and feelings of abandonment.  

It's a good thing she had Edgar and Jenny Young to give her some comfort

Drop by the novel's domain for links to other blog entries, reader comments and deep dark secrets.  You will have to dig a little for those...  

Giving thanks every day - 
beginning, middle and end.  
Waking from a dreamy state 
The cycle starts all over again.

Note: Most of the content of this blog post is a reheat, a rehash from the one in 2012