Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bicycle stories

When you were younger, did you ride a bike?  Did you ride your bicycle everywhere and anywhere around town?

If you fall into a certain age range, you may share the opinion that "back in the day", kids were safe and carefree as they rode their bikes all around and across town.  

We didn't wear helmets.  We may have had bells and baskets.  We were cautious enough to enjoy being adventurous.  Those were the days.  

Hop on over to the Deep Blonde Thoughts blog where you can read about bicycle statistics and activities around present day Ottawa. 

In the novel there is mention of the children of the 1970s riding bikes.  If one night you forgot to put it in the shed, there was the chance of your bicycle being stolen.  It happened to me in my teens.  It almost happened to Sera Fletcher in
The Year of the Rabbit

If you enjoyed that excerpt, you may want to read more.  You may even want to:
  • Buy the eBook (You set the price!) or download a free sample from Smashwords; 
  • Buy a copy of the eBook at the iBookstore if you're visiting this page on an iPad. (Please note that they still have the novel incorrectly categorized as Children's fiction)

Visit the home page for The Year of the Rabbit, a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness.  The main characters are a Catholic priest, a little girl and a retired exotic dancer.  

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