Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kitchen Help and Cooking Therapy

Sera sank deeper into depression after Amy and Dela left for Alberta, taking little Harry with them.  

She missed them.  

She also missed the comfort of Edgar Bear whom she had given to Harry. 

She missed her father who seemed like a different, distant man since her mother had died.  

Jenny and Carl let her stay in Amy's old room above the Red Hare RestaurantOver the past few months, Carl had softened up towards Sera - in his own way

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The things that turn up in spring

You wouldn't know it in the Ottawa Valley but Spring is here.  

In local travels, we have witnessed crocus sprouts pushing up from the earth and snow.  People are planning for the annual Tulip Festival

Friends and relatives are dusting off their patio furniture and eying their garden plots still covered by a dirty blanket of  snow.  They are logging up-coming events in their calendars.  Who knows what they are going to dig up?

Recently, on the other side of the pond,  "... in Edinburgh's frozen clay soil, the city’s archaeologists unearthed a diamond.

Resting in the dark, underneath what was once a city car park, the remains of a medieval knight were discovered."

See:  History unearthed: Meet the team who discovered the car park knight 
"The discovery comes just a month after the bones of Richard III were identified after being discovered below a car park in Leicester in what is being heralded as one of the most sensational finds in archaeological history."

I enjoy these discoveries, things of ancient past dug up and respectfully handled by archeologists - and drooled over by historians. 

Then there are those discoveries that indicate a body was not placed out of respect - and not under a car park but under an apartment building that the surrounding neighbours didn't want built.   

This news story was published in The Seguin Sounder, a fictitious newspaper that evolved out of the novel.

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