Planting the seeds on becoming a published author

Let us travel back to a time when the seed of inspiration was planted.

It was eleven years ago when I first posted my dream to become a published author, offering the questions on what is "publishing" and what is an "author". A lot has changed in the publishing realm since 2000.

Over the four year gestation period for my novel, I paid for professional editing plus got at least three people to read the proof prints before deciding to publish.  After reviewing publishing options, I decided to go with a POD service (Print On Demand).  I figured I could satisfy my ego, save some money, spare some trees and organically attract new readers. 

It was over twelve years ago when I posted thoughts, poems, philosophiesinterviews and artwork (large PDF file) related to The Year of the Rabbit.  Those were colourful, playful times when my children were interested in my creative endeavours and would willingly participate.

Well... we find new interests.  We mature.  We change. 

I am planting more seeds, curious and hopeful to see what will develop over the next twelve years. Do come back and visit.

I sure hope I can decide on which electronic format I will use for the novel before they change again!