The Novel tagline and logline

Tagline aka "moral message":  Even the good and innocent will encounter a need to break rules and perform evil deeds.

Logline:  A young priest, resigned to going through the motions of following the teachings of the church in a small Muskoka town finds his true calling through unexpected encounters with his precocious love child and his attempts to protect her from evil in the world. 

These were created over two years ago while attending a very helpful writing workshop.  I may want to condense the logline...

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It's about "Fate, Family and Forgiveness"
August 26, 2010:  This came to me in the past couple of weeks while attempting to briefly describe my novel to a couple of social groups. It received interesting reactions, nods and comments. 

Fate:  Did things happen because they were planned?  Was there some Divine intervention?  Were some of the events merely coincidences? Why did Gio meet Marie in 1962?  Why was he placed in the Fletcher's parish seven years later?  How was it that Gio was able to...

Family:  There are many different types of families described in this novel.  Sera experiences changes in her family's make-up and tries to adjust when things evolve and eventually fall apart. 

Forgiveness:  Things happen.  People do things - some unintentional; some intentional, horrible things to other people.  Each of the ten commandments are broken at least once - some specifically from a "Christian" perspective.