Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting ready to rise and shine in the Year of the Rooster

As someone who doesn't appreciate cold, long winters, I am looking forward to celebrating the Lunar New Year.

I like joining in small gatherings with family and friends to eat good food and share in good spirits. I like the of ambience colourful lights but do not appreciate the noise from firecrackers or fireworks.

The resident artiste and I already attended a Year of the Rooster workshop. We received good advice on refreshing our living space and head space from our favourite Feng Shui master.

A while ago, the artiste produced a set of Chinese Zodiac illustrations for me as I was looking for ideas to enhance the second print edition of the novel.  You can see some here, here, here and here

You may want to see the artiste's comic art work on Patreon. You can support her quest to be independent and to move out from under my "motherly oppression".  

Kidding aside, do you want to know more about The Year of the Rabbit?

Thanks for dropping by.

T (aka Flo)