Sunday, August 8, 2010

If it wasn't for celibacy...

It was an interesting coincidence on a cold winter's night that I tripped upon Frank Hegyi's book cover for "If it wasn't for celibacy, I would have been a priest".  It jumped out at me while I viewed a list of books by members of the Ottawa Independent Writers.

I stole the opportunity to speak with Frank about his book before a working group meeting in February.  I asked him about it and shyly mentioned that one of the main characters in my novel is a priest - a priest who encountered carnal temptation early in his career.  Frank gladly pulled out a copy of the book and offered it to me as a gift - although I insisted twice on paying him. 

The book is a collection of Frank's essays on Religion, Politics and Life. When time permitted, I really enjoyed reading his insights. I found myself nodding in agreement with many of his observations and views.

Frank is a calm, quiet man with an extraordinary history of overcoming obstacles.  He is also a cancer survivor who co-wrote and published "Death can wait. Stories from cancer survivors" along with Roslyn Franken, Jacquelin Holzman and Max Keeping.

Although he is not representative of my target audience, I hope I can return the favour by offering him a fresh, printed copy of my novel this winter. 

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