Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Plant a Tree

I allowed myself an artsy outing this afternoon and had another "first".  A Facebook friend had invited me to a poetry reading held by his publisher for him and another poet at Mother Tongue Books.  I hadn't been to that book shop yet so thought it would indeed be a nice Sunday afternoon outing.  It was.

After chatting with interesting people and listening to the readings, I took a few minutes to explore the many colourful book cases.  One small book called to me.  It was a plain, creamy white hardcover with an illustration of a tree and little person titled "How to Plant A Tree - A Simple Celebration of Trees & Tree-planting Ceremonies." It has lovely illustrations and short sections of informative text.  The only complaint is that the text is kind of small!  This is going to be a challenge for bus reading.

If you are a regular visitor to this blog and have read excerpts, you will remember that Trees play an important part in my forthcoming novel.  On an impulse, I purchased this lovely discovery in addition to two poetry books. I even insisted that one of the poets autograph hers.

Some day.. some day... I may allow my novel to be seen on the printed page.  If I do, my publisher of first choice knows that it must be on recycled paper.  I want to share a story but I want to be responsible with the resources I choose.

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