Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Novel Progress Report January 2011

New Year.  New post. 

Over the holidays I invested some time to apply edits and changes suggested by a paid, professional service.  I was contented with most of them and will need to discuss the others before committing to the next level in our relationship. ;-)

I also took time to write the murder scene.  In the first draft, I had only alluded to it in various sections. That didn't work and seemed to cause confusion for my readers.  This time, I got up the courage to write it.  It proved as a form of release, battling demons without getting graphic or gruesome.  

The next time I post, I hope it will be to announce the expected publication date and to provide links to e-book sources.  Wish me luck. 

I admire the writers / artists who dedicate themselves to post something in their blogs every day.  One artist friend says it encourages the creative process if she posts something on a regular basis.

Having a family and full time day job does not allow me the luxury to be so committed. 

Until next time, thanks for reading.  You can also follow my deep blonde thoughts blog posts, tongue-in-cheek reflections on life experiences and life styles. 


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