Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Born in the Year of the Rabbit? What the Chinese say about you, reported at TheEpochTimes

You're in good company ;-)  I'm presently burrowed up inside due to the snow storm that passed through southern Ontario this week and is heading eastward.  I am surprised that Shubenacadie Sam actually got up today!

Did you know... 2011 has also been declared International Year of Forests

I find this a beautiful coincidence. In my novel, eleven-year-old Sera Fletcher tries to make sense of her lonely world and sees the 1975 Year of the Rabbit as a year of hope with the birth of her illegitimate nephew. She is also a lover of nature, trees and an unintentional avenger, protector of a forest in her own community. 

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  1. Hmmm. In Vietnam, they call it the Year of the Cat >^..^<

    "Tet is coming! Indeed, it is already here on the door step. Out on the streets, decorative lights are sparkling, apricot trees are blossoming and a sweet spring breeze is dancing. For Vietnamese people, Tet is just like Christmas for Westerners. It is a time for love and family, a time of reunion, of sharing, of giving, and of hope for a fresh, new start. It is also a time to give presents to family members and friends—especially to children."