Sunday, April 3, 2011

Women, Waitressing and the Art of Service - The Documentary

How did I miss this?  

TV Ontario aired this documentary on March 16th. I'm interested in seeing it since I waited on and bussed tables for a short period in a former life.  I was oblivious to any gender or pay inequality at the time. 
In the novel The Year of the Rabbit, Jenny and Amy Young wait tables at their family restaurant with the occasional help of hired staff.  Jenny enjoys her work, performing it with pride and finesse. Amy, being a teenager, helps out because it is expected by her Chinese Canadian parents.  It's husband and father Carl who gladly and expertly works in the kitchen.  The parents practically live the art of service and provide it with compassion. 

Young Sera Fletcher enjoys an inside view of the people who prepare and serve the food at The Red Hare restaurant.  It was was not only a third place for her community; it became her new home when her own family began to crumble. 

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