Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book sales have doubled!

Wow!  I am happy to see that May sales for The Year of the Rabbit have doubled over April's.  Thanks, folks!  

The book is for sale for only $12 at CreateSpace and Amazon.  Once things have settled after our move to the smaller home :o( I will get that eBook version ready.  It's a matter of convincing a resident "artist in the making" to help with the new cover image....

What's the book about? 

A young priest, resigned to going through the motions of following the teachings of the church in a small Muskoka town during the 1970s, finds his true calling through unexpected encounters with his precocious love child and his attempts to protect her from the evils in the world.

A little girl tries to make sense of her lonely world and sees the Year of the Rabbit as one of hope due to the birth of her illegitimate nephew.

This novel has been a four-year labour of love. Come read about Gio, Sera and Aunt Georgette. Follow their encounters with fate, family and forgiveness. 

Still not convinced?  Sample and taste some excerpts from the rough draft. 

Thanks for hopping by :o)

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