Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Public Reading for the Rabbit

On Wednesday June 29th, "Florence" made an appearance at the Ottawa Independent Writers Reading Night at the LAC.  

I had to alter the text that I read aloud from my novel in order to hide the identity of the corpse in the "murder scene".  Are we intrigued yet?  Some people were! 

After my reading, I sat at the back of the room listening to the others.  As I gazed out one of the large windows into the dimming daylight, I noticed a patchy brown rabbit nibbling grass in one of the flowerbeds.  I was excited to bring it to the attention of my seating companion.  He responded with a smile and whispered the title of my novel.

I don't know why I would become excited at discovering this little mammal - although it was a lovely coincidence.  It's not like there are any live rabbits represented in the story.  The only ones referred to are those that appear in drawings, paintings at the Red Hare restaurant and a native boy's dream. The rabbit reference is more about the Chinese Zodiac character.   It refers to young Sera Fletcher's unique coping methods after losing a friend in 1974 then gaining a newborn nephew in 1975.  She creates a connection to the baby's birth in the same Zodiac year as her own and uses it as a sign of hope.  Little does she know that she would eventually -- (Oops. I have said too much already).     

During a lull in the readings, one member agreed to my request for a book exchange.  He gladly traded a copy of his children's book for a copy of The Year of the Rabbit.  I had to warn him that mine was NOT a book for children.  

Another member was very interested in reading and purchasing the book but did not have cash on hand.  I graciously advanced him a copy for his summer reading and we agreed on payment at a later date.  I trust him.  Besides, I know where he lives...

Do you want a taste of the Rabbit?  (in a word sense, that is...)

Thanks for dropping by!  


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