Saturday, October 22, 2011

Appreciation and Regrets

Before I went on a much-needed vacation a few weeks ago, I put up a poster in my place of work to promote the novel - and the Ebook discount (until October 31st).  

The response was wonderful with people interested in purchasing a copy of The Year of the Rabbit.  They wanted a printed, autographed copy.  

I appreciate their request for the beloved, printed book format.  Sadly, I have not yet had time or energy to produce a second printed version. If I do, I will have to make amends to nature due to my claim that "no trees were harmed" while publishing the book :o\ 

As readers know, the story contains a strong theme about trees.  

Attention:  For the wonderful people who purchased the first print edition, I am offering a limited-time SmashWords coupon for 100% off the Ebook price.  Send me an email before November 30, 2011.  You know how to reach me.   I will send you a coupon code that you can use at Smashwords

Anyone else can go to the Smashwords link and download 20% of the novel in many different formats for free.  How can you beat that?  At least you can get a taste for the characters and story before committing to a purchase.  I am sure you will enjoy meeting Gio, Sera and Aunt Georgette. 

Thanks again!


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