Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I made no sales at the book fair

but I made plenty of contacts and stirred up some interest.  

The reason for no immediate sales is that I didn't have a printed copy of The Year of the Rabbit at the fair.  That was my wicked plan.  I was promoting the Ebook version of the novel with a take away sheet, luring puzzle lovers with a word search puzzle and a 50% coupon code for those who just may be interested in making an online purchase.  

I'm not the type of person who can sit for long periods of time so I wasn't keeping roost at the shared table very long either.  It's just a little overwhelming, having to yell over the noise and straining my own voice.  That's not me.  I think I had more interesting conversations with people after they approached the calmer atmosphere of the canteen where I was volunteering, selling hot drinks, warm drinks and cookies.  I say "warm" drinks because the apple juice boxes were sitting out on the counter all day.  

I invite you to explore some early draft excerpts of The Year of the Rabbit or to visit Smashwords where you can download 20% of the novel for FREE.  That's right!


The following are confirmed distributors for the Ebook version of The Year of the Rabbit (a novel about fate, family and forgiveness) 

Of course, if you purchase the Ebook through Smashwords, the author gets a better return ;o) and I can monitor sales numbers in a more timely manner. 

Just in time for the giving season:

Promotional price: $2.00 (50% off!) 
Coupon Code: FV59E 
Expires: December 24, 2011

Just right for book list ideas when preparing the Nook, Sony Reader, Kindle or iPad for your loved one's gift (wink, wink).

Invitation to publishers:

Since there was a great interest in purchasing an autographed, printed version of the novel, I am open to publishers who will take on this project without screwing me out of hundreds of dollars.  Not convinced?  Read comments from recent readers.  

Thanks for dropping by.  Do visit http://www.yearoftherabbit.ca  often.  


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