Saturday, September 22, 2012

Abuse of Power and Trust

I am troubled by more worldwide reports of abuse cases involving priests

Does it make you wonder though if their sickness was already present and they chose this vocation or profession because of opportunities to abuse while in a position of power?  Do not forget that we have seen reports of abuse by teachers and other professions. 

Yes, the novel leans towards the suggestion that priests should be allowed to marry.  Who knows if that would have prevented the actions by some sick individuals. Would they have eventually abused their own children? 

The Year of the Rabbit is loosely based on my experiences growing up in the Catholic Church in a small town and questioning the rules at many turns (but apparently not as spicey and humorous as those by Jenny McCarthy).  It is not intended to insult or show disrespect but demonstrate a growing need for change as was seen in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  

Yes, I am a Lapsed Catholic.  

Yes, I believe in a woman's right to make choices for her body, her reproductive system.  
I knew some interesting priests in my early years.  One who performed the wedding ceremony for one of my family members eventually left the church and got married.  
I wanted people to see Father Gio as a lovable, trustworthy character - a human male.  He regrets not acting sooner to prevent abuse in the small town where he served and questions his future in the Church. 
Let us not judge Gio for his moment of weakness, a brief encounter with a married woman in 1962.  If he didn't have that night of passion, we would not have gotten to know Sera, to watch her grow and cope through difficult times.  Was it fate or just coincidence?
Excerpts featuring Father Giovanni Vinoletti:
  1. Gio Meets Sera  (An excerpt from Chapter 1 where Father Giovanni Vinoletti meets Sera Fletcher, his newly discovered, biological daughter)
  2. Parish Picnic  (A priest's joy and shame. A child's innocent view on life after death)
  3. The Red Hare  (Traditions, community and home)
  4. Zodiacs and the Bible (A continuation of Gio and Sera's debate at the Red Hare) 
  5. Sudden Loss (Halloween night - Sera loses her friend and Gio regrets not acting sooner)   
  6. A child is born  (Birth, joy, teen pregnancy)
  7. Wine (The results of patience and loving care) 
You will grow to love Gio.  I have.   
Thanks for dropping by and reading this far.  Comments are welcome!

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