Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deep Freeze and Family Traditions

January has been one roller coaster of a ride weather-wise

Just weeks ago we were in the middle of the January Thaw and now we're into a deep freeze.

If you're in Ottawa and the weather is finally stabilized by next weekend, do drop by one or two of the Winterlude events.  One of my favourite Winterlude traditions is to visit the ice sculptures with my young folk after a dining experience somewhere in downtown Ottawa.  

My "children" no longer like to go on the Rideau Canal, in the crowds of other skaters.  If I suggest we go for a walk to say that we were actually on the canal, they are not fully prepared because not all are sensible enough to wear boots.  


Only a couple still enjoy the tasty messiness of BeaverTails pastries and hot chocolate after we have toured the ice sculpture exhibits.  If you are curious, I recommend to go at night when the sculptures are enhanced by colourful lights. 

The video below was created by two young ladies.  It looks like one is trying a BeaverTail for the first time.  

Oh, well.  You can't hold onto all of the favourite activities with a maturing family.  You can at least take photographs, videos and hold onto the memories.


Do you have family traditions that you enjoy, helping to break up the long winter months and get your kids outside? 

I tried downhill skiing once and did not enjoy it at all. I have fond memories of snowshoeing around forests and small lakes near Georgian Bay.  I also recall winning a snowshoe race at a Parish Picnic when I was about 12 or 13 years old.  


Permit me to lead you to some excerpts from The Year of the Rabbit.  

If you enjoy the excerpts, you can download a portion the ebook version from Smashwords for free. 
See what others have offered after reading this bittersweet tale. 
Thanks for dropping by.  Stay warm and dry. 


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