Saturday, June 14, 2014


Get ready for homemade cards, breakfast in bed spills and gaudy ties. Father’s Day is June 15th.  

In the novel The Year of the Rabbit, we are introduced to Matthew Fletcher, father of Sera and her older siblings. 


I like to think of Matthew Fletcher as an ideal husband and a good father.  He was gentle and loving with his children.  He was forgiving of his wife’s wild behavior.  He performed honest work as a carpenter and cabinet maker.   He also supported others in his community.    

Golly. He was my ideal man. 

I invite you to read a few excerpts describing Matthew and his gentle ways.

Upon meeting Father Gio for the first time:
Upon meeting Walter George for the first time, after the boy is caught stealing Sera's bicycle one summer night:

Sera catches Matthew in an emotional moment while the family prepares for Marie's surgery:

Sera discovers Matthew at work, finishing off a very special wood carving project:

Only a handful of people had been aware of Sera’s true paternity.   After Marie passed away, her hidden letter of confession reached Matthew through an unlikely messenger.

Here's wishing all the good fathers out there a wonderful Fathers’ Day.  Enjoy the time with your family.  Rock that colourful tie.

I invite you to read more excerpts from The Year of The Rabbit, a Novel About Fate, Family and Forgiveness

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