Thursday, October 29, 2020

Halloween 2020 is an eerie thing

 Stay home. Stay safe. Practice social distancing.

Who would have thought back in 1975 this would be an issue, that the entire world would be in a Pandemic in 2020?

It is sad that some members of society are behaving like children, rebelling against the advice from public health professionals and local politicians. 

Just grow the puck up. 

Your trick or treat activities will have to be toned down. 

You will have to find other ways to exercise rather than go to a sweaty gym. 

You will have the opportunity to cook at home and learn new recipes rather than visit a restaurant. 

It's a harsh reality but we can get through this if everyone cooperates without succumbing to the conspiracy theories of anarchists and anti-maskers.

Permit me to help you reminisce with an excerpt from The Year of the Rabbit, when Sera got to dress up as a witch and go trick or treating with her BFF Violet. 


Stay safe but still have fun, kids.

Grow the puck up, selfish, irresponsible adults. 

Flo T

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