Saturday, May 19, 2012

Springing into Love

Ah, Spring.  It's when a young man's fancy turns to love - or something... something like that.    

What a lovely time of year for scantily clad youth to run freely, roll in the grass and climb trees.  The warmer, dry weather also provides a good opportunity for young lovers to slip away while playing hide and seek with their chums.

Here's a snippet from The Year of the Rabbit where carpentry apprentice Walter George is deemed "it" for a game of hide and seek:

As Walter snuck down the path and up towards the forest, he saw Gwen racing from the garden towards home base, touching the shed and shouting "Home free!"

Whatever, thought Walter as he prowled and crept up the slope, I've got bigger fish to catch.

Deeper into the pine forest he crept, from tree to tree, bush to bush.

As he peered out and down towards the place the kids called ‘Rabbit Hollow’, he saw Amy and Daniel lying against one of the sloping rocks, nicely revealed by the reflective light of the gibbous moon.  They were kissing wildly and Amy's hands were all over Daniel's body — rubbing stroking and clawing.  Walter could hear their hushed voices just enough to know what would happen next. 

So what happens next?  Read the full excerpt and perhaps another describing the result.

Teen sexuality is a sticky subject.  Young people need to be gently yet intelligently educated about their changing bodies and raging hormones.  Sometimes though it's difficult for parents to deliver the talk.  

Recently, the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology opened an exhibit about sex, providing information from a scientific perspective.  It caused a bit of a furor and got plenty of news coverage but some parents recanted their complaints after visiting it themselves.  

One teen even said, "I think they're showing us healthy sexuality ...they aren't sexualizing it.  I mean they're showing the facts, we all have bodies and we all go through this stuff." 
We all go through this stuff.  So true.  

If you want to read about a few young people who went through this stuff and came out okay after a few conflicts and disappointments, you may enjoy reading The Year of the Rabbit, a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness.  Be quick and you can download a free copy of the eBook by May 31, 2012.  Start here


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