Sunday, December 29, 2013

Feeding the artist child

It's just past Christmas and old man winter has us in his icy grip again.

Although yesterday was a dull, cold and slushy-bus Saturday in Ottawa, it didn't bring down my inner child nor the artist in the family.  

The illustrator recently celebrated a milestone age. She was happy, nay excited for me to take her on a birthday shopping trip to one of our favourite art supply stores, to pick out sketch books, pencils and other tools. 

It made me happy to see her so happy while browsing the aisles of creative potential.  It brought back memories of my young adult days, my creative escapes - and my own Mother's appreciation of my art. 

The illustrator holds two English Lit. degrees and has reverted back to her first love of drawing while waiting for the perfect career to drop onto her lap. 

She has created an online comic series that chronicles the travels of a human girl and her alien companion as they visit every habitable planet in the galaxy. She is expressing her creativity, her need for exploration and escape.  Didn't we all have a need for escape once or twice in our lives?

A few days ago, she finally produced three more Chinese Zodiac illustrations for the next edition of the novel.  These will cover her share of the rent for December.

The Year of the Snake will soon meander away.

- and the Year of the Horse will soon gallop in.

Some day, I think she could illustrate a beautiful children's book.  As a toddler, she was an inspiration for some of my drawings and whimsical sketches while I still had the time.

Realistically, I would like to see her and the other promising young people living with me succeed in education, career options - and eventually move out.  

So, while she's looking for gainful employment and arting around, perhaps you would like to purchase a framed print of one of her creations?  Help her save up for her own apartment and not be held ransom by a mother who forces her to produce drawings in lieu of rent.  

Do you want to know more about The Year of the Rabbit?  

Thanks for dropping by.


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