Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reading recommendations from a teddy bear?

I would like to introduce you to Edgar, Sera Fletcher's favourite teddy bear. 

He provided her comfort during some very sad and confusing times.  

Sera also found comfort and escape while reading books.  The local library was one of her favourite places to visit, to feel at home.   

As a parent of young adult children, I have fond memories of our reading time on weekend afternoons or school nights.  We liked to explore new picture books but also had our old favourites.

Two of our favourite books were Wednesday is Spaghetti Day and The Lion and the Little Red Bird.  

As a working mother, I would visit the public library often during my lunch hours, exploring the children's section for new finds to cart home on the city bus. 

Edgar the bear has his own board on my Pinterest account where we pin photographs of him holding some of our recommended reads. I hope you will enjoy the pictures as well as the short reviews there and on Goodreads.

Edgar is a character in the novel but he was also a real  childhood toy.  He was gifted by a relative to a five year-old girl in 1969. The girl promptly named him Winnie (aka Winnie Pooh Bear).

I was that little girl.  

Winnie accompanied me while playing with friends and exploring the expanding world around our small town home.  Over the years, he comforted me while healing from lost friendships, broken hearts and very difficult life circumstances. He has kept many of my secrets.  

Winnie has his own secret.  There is a music box hidden in his stomach.  If you squeeze his tummy using the right pressure and tempo with both hands, you will hear the Rock a-bye Baby song. There were several tempting times to open him up, to dig inside and examine that box.  My childlike belief that he had feelings spared him that indignity!

I still have Winnie but don't snuggle with him anymore.  He stays at home, in a seat of honour up on the shelves in my room. A few months ago, I thought he looked lonely so I pulled him down for some photo opportunities, to share our love of reading and to lure in curious minds.     

This bear was a good listener, friend and an inspiration

You can trust his recommendations. 
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  1. I was gratified to learn recently that our local library had story time for the little ones. I saw the parents and kids leaving the library and they seemed so happy to have this shared time.