Sunday, May 11, 2014

Make it a lovely Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, if you celebrate it.

In The Year of the Rabbit, a novel about fate, family and forgiveness readers will encounter a few motherly characters:

  • Marie Fletcher was a caring mother figure despite her struggles with mental health issues and a dark secret;
  • Margaret MacDonald experienced deep guilt and regret that she did not prevent the abuse of her daughter;
  • Jenny Young struggled with supporting her pregnant teen and understanding her husband's disappointment;
  • Amy Young became a teenage mother who learned how to be responsible with the help of her own family and friends;
  • Gio's Mom was the typical doting mother and eventually an exuberant grandmother. 

I hope you've already thought of a gift for your Mom.  She may enjoy reading The Year of the Rabbit if she doesn't mind a few references to teen sex, infidelity and murder. 

You can feel confident that you have purchased her an environmentally responsible gift by getting the Ebook for only 99 cents

If your mother has already left this earthly domain, please accept my condolences.  Perhaps you may relate to young Sera Fletcher as she realizes the impending death of her own mother.   That scene brought tears to my eyes while writing the novel, recalling emotions felt when I lost my own mother many years ago.

Have a lovely Mother's Day - or make it one for your own Mom. 


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