Saturday, July 3, 2010

Law of Man - Law of God

While performing my research for the Ten Commandments, I leafed through various bibles in our bookshelves and explored the world wild web.  I came upon a few credible looking web sites.  I didn't realize that there is a difference between the Catholic and Protestant versions of the Ten Commandments (or maybe I just blocked that out...)Wikipedia provides a few other views as well.  A progressive thinker may suggest they change some of the wording. Perhaps we can start with the all-inclusive Charter for Compassion

So, what's with the reference to the Ten Commandments, you may ask.  Well, throughout the entire novel, each of the commandments are broken at least once.  I thought it would provide an interesting study guide exercise in case this book makes it into any school curriculum.

On a side note, as I tap away at this Mac keyboard on a breezy July Saturday, I wonder how the Seven Deadly Sins are progressing over at Quirky B's. 

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