Thursday, July 1, 2010

The evolution of telephone communication

As I reviewed and edited this section in chapter 11, (Darn! How did I miss those mistakes?) I thought it would be interesting to note for the impatient, mobile youth that cell phones didn't exist during this time period (1970's). 


As Gio trotted out the front door to his car, he waved at the girls.  They waved back.

Panting and slightly soaked, he sat in the driver’s seat and turned on the interior light.  He looked at his watch.  Eight o’clock.  His parents and Georgette were going to be worried.  He spotted a telephone booth across the street from the Pizzeria.  He grabbed a handful of quarters from the clean ashtray and made a dash over to the phone booth.

After negotiating with the Bell operator and pumping in a few quarters, he heard the line ring on the other end.

“Hello?” said a woman’s worried voice.

“Hello, Mama?” said Gio.

“Gio!” she gasped, “Where are you?  We were worried!”

:End excerpt

There was no instant messaging, no texting and there were no camera phones.  It seemed like a much simpler time...



  1. Yes, I have noticed that I used the word "worried" three times in this excerpt. Hence, the need for a good editor :o) once this is ready for a publisher.

  2. Well, how about this. Something I tripped on in the Globe's Report on Business. It has been 25 years since the first mobile phone!

    "A phone so big it came with its own luggage"

    You will have to copy and paste the URL if you want to read the story, as I don't think they happen automatically in comments...