Friday, March 2, 2012

Bullies and Trolls

Those who have read the novel The Year of the Rabbit will be familiar with antagonist Daryl MacDonald.

Some have even mentioned through conversation that they knew someone like him in their own home town.  He could have been a wife beater, an angry drunk and abuser as well as a bully who controlled others because of his family's position in the town.  Other adults were either afraid or indifferent so did not confront him.  Finally, his reign is taken down by a twelve year-old girl - with a little help from nature.

The author has endured and confronted bullies at different points in her life.  She has met talented writers who have published books on the topic of bullying, offering advice to kids, school children and to office workers.  It may be encounters with these childhood bullies and anonymous cowards that have inspired her to create the doomed Daryl MacDonald and spout deep blonde thoughts on the subject. 

Those who haven't read the novel yet, can sample some short excerpts.  If you're still curious, you can download 20% of the Ebook for free from Smashwords.  No trees were harmed ;o)

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