Sunday, March 11, 2012

Traditions: Family Movie Night

One of the traditions I share with my children is Family Movie night.  Usually on Saturday evenings we'll pop up some popcorn, pour some Canada Dry Ginger Ale (or OJ for the health-conscious) and watch a movie.  Some times not everyone can join in but at least one or two will nestle on the big comfy couch while watching and tapping at their electronic appendages.

Gone are the days of trekking up to the "video store" to rent a VHS video or DVD.  We can select from hundreds of titles from our cable company.  One complaint is that we're still waiting for The Descendants to be available! (Sigh... George Clooney.  Sigh...)

Anyway, follow the white rabbit to this deep blonde thoughts blog entry titled "Young Adult Fiction and Romantic Delusions" where I recall a movie we recently watched and the lessons learned from observing the train wreck of a protagoniste. She happens to be a writer - correction: an Author. 

My blonde line of thought connects the theme of delusions, of recapturing romance or past feelings with a scene in The Year of the Rabbit.


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