Saturday, March 3, 2012

Read an Ebook Week March 4-10

Flo is participating in "Read an Ebook Week March 4-10"

Since Smashwords is the publisher for the ebook version of the novel, you can get The Year of the Rabbit for $1.00 (US)

Visit between March 4th and 10th.  Jump directly to the novel's page. Follow the instructions to get 75% off during the site-wide promotion.

Remember:  You can always download 20% of the Novel for free.

Don't get distracted by the funny cat video. Okay, go ahead. We all know the world could use MORE funny cat videos... 

Now for something serious and disturbing.  PayPal is requiring Smashwords to remove all erotica content on its platform that contains references to bestiality, rape and incest – otherwise it will stop doing business with Smashwords altogether.  This is considered censorship and unfair.  Read the TechCrunch article.  

The Year of the Rabbit is not considered erotica yet contains a "brief" teenage sex scene and reference to incest.   It does not promote nor condone.  It strives to educate. 

I would be interested to hear your comments - either here or on the Facebook fan page.  

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